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Ready to tap into the power of sound?

YOUR identitY in audio

With expertise in marketing and music, our team is on a mission to create a better sounding world. Building on our data-driven sonic branding method, we support marketers to optimally tap into the power of music. From soundlogo to complete musical identity.


We translate the essence of your brand into a recognisable musical identity.


A musical library, composed for your brand only. Based on our data-driven method.


Delivered in modular building blocks and applicable on all relevant touchpoints.

Fairtrade Original
Open Universiteit
Rotterdam Partners
Strictly People
Lelystad Airport
Nationale Wetenschapsagenda
Jong Beleggen
Een podcast over media



Auping has been producing beds and mattresses of the highest quality since 1888. A leading brand for which TAMBR developed a subtle musical identity, applicable to their entire customer journey. Craftsmanship and guts, translated into music.


AFAS Software is an idiosyncratic software company that is known for not making any concessions to quality and efficiency. No wonder they ended up with TAMBR. We provided their entire customer journey with a funky sound full of signature details.

Fairtrade Original

Authenticity is central to Fairtrade Original: the tastiest ingredients with a genuine story. Exactly the reason why they asked us to replace their stock music for a more worldly sound. Without the clichés. Find out what that sounds like!


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Developing our musical identity went very fast, but also with peace of mind. We really took the time to get it right, but never lost pace. And that’s a great way to collaborate!

Ine Stultjens Manager Marketing & Communications @ Royal Auping

While translating our brand into audio, we really got to know ourselves better. In what we stand for as an organisation and where we want to go. In addition, TAMBR was really helpful with integrating the audio assets into our business processes.

Melissa Ablett COO @ CIC

TAMBR combines the magic of music with a solid approach and academic foundation. Looking at how the audio-market is developing in terms of voice, podcasts and online video, now really is a good time to add your own sound to your brand identity!

Felice Uiterwijk Marketing Manager @ FairtradeOriginal

What an incredibly fun and energetic process this was! Thanks to TAMBR, we took a deep dive into the identity of our podcast to create our own sound. The TAMBR team has really given us new insights and we are extremely proud with the end result. Perfectly matching our identity, sentiment and appearance!

Pim Verlaan Host @ JongBeleggen

Together with TAMBR we developed the sound of the Open University and boy what a great process and collaboration that was! We’ve got the first track of our ‘album’ in our pocket and with the various elements and building blocks we can now underscore all our communication with our own sound.

Marco Koolen Head of Marketing @ Open Universiteit

Looking for an agency that can help create a fresh, contemporary sonic identity for your brand? Then I would truly recommend TAMBR. They helped me develop our leader for the CMOtalk podcast. The people at TAMBR are musicians themselves and ensure that composers receive a fair contribution for their talent. Very involved, pragmatic and a nice agency to work with!

Klaas Weima Founder @ CMOtalk

I believe that if your company has a strong corporate identity, you should also think about sound. What I really liked about working with TAMBR is that we were able to work directly with the creators who were responsible for building our musical identity.

Bas van der Veldt Endboss @ AFAS

Adding sound is an important step in humanising your brand and an effective way to truly connect with your users. By working with TAMBR we learned what to look for when defining our own sound. And that was a great deal of fun!

Alexander Klöpping Founder @ Blendle

When we came into contact with TAMBR, we immediately knew that we also wanted to develop an audio identity. Because if you think about it, it really makes sense to complement your carefully built brand with custom music!

Susanne van Ardenne Senior Marketing Manager @ Feetje

I really enjoyed working with TAMBR on our audio identity. It was a real pleasure and I am very happy with the result! This mainly has to do with the way of working. TAMBR really tried to figure out who our brand is, then was super committed to following up on all the feedback and producing iterations. This is how the tune has really become ‘ours’.

Joep de Caluwé CMO @ Delta Car Trade

TAMBR has managed to touch the soul of our company. And the road that took us there was perhaps the best part of the project. Our musical identity is used everywhere and, moreover, widely shared across our company. There’s no better proof of quality than that!

Luc Gimbrère Founder @ BetaBit

We have worked very efficiently with TAMBR, both creatively and strategically. Thanks to their data-driven approach, we quickly knew which way to go.

Liedewij Hentelaar Director @ Audify