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What is an AUDIO logo?


An audio logo is a brief musical composition serving as a brand identifier. Often placed before or after a commercial message, it acts as an auditory anchor across all your communication. The elevator pitch for your brand.

What began in the early 20th century as a simple jingle has evolved into a key component of any brand identity. Today, an audio logo, also known as sound logo or sonic logo, takes the form of a short instrumental composition. Sometimes combined with animation or catchy pay-off. A unique and memorable audio asset that differentiates your brand and builds recognition. Provided it’s applied in a coherent way.

An audio logo usually lasts no longer than 5 seconds. Yet it’s the most representative element of your sonic identity. Suitable for use in TV campaigns, radio and on social media. Flexible yet instantly recognisable.

But not every sound can grow into a distinctive audio asset. An effective sound logo strikes a delicate balance. Between underscoring your brand character, building on category codes and creating musical stickiness. That’s why creating an effective sound logo requires a blend of creativity, market research, and strategic thinking.

Sound logo

Stand out

The more distinct your sound logo, the less likely consumers will confuse it with a competitor. So be aware of the codes in your category and break them strategically. Stand out, or prepare to be drowned in the sea of sonic clutter.

Sound logo

Stay true

An audio logo is your musical elevator pitch. The essence of your brand in music. A robust sound logo therefor requires a fitting blend of musical elements, true to the spirit of your brand.

Sound logo

Be memorable

Some melodies stick better than others. Yet simple motifs can quickly sound too generic. An effective audio logo hits that sweet spot between simplicity and complexity. Optimal recognisability without becoming dull.

What are the most effective audio logo’s?

TAMBR did research on 30 Dutch audio logos and jingles, laying the foundation for a national benchmark in musical marketing performance. Based on this ranking, you can now see how your sound stacks up against some of the best performing audio assets out there. Also, our research uncovers a few surprising factors that make a sound logo effective. Intrigued? Download our report and start building a better sounding brand!

Audio logo reel

Investing in a sound logo is a significant step, focussed on the long term. Obviously, you don’t want to place your bets on a tune that fails to stick with your audience. To make sure you’re hitting the right notes, testing your audio logo is a must. Both during creative development and after its launch.

  • If you already own a sonic brand, you can test its value to see whether your audio logo is due for an upgrade.
  • During creation, you can explore how well your sound sparks the right associations and has the ability to stick with your target audience.
  • Once your sound logo is out there, it’s advisable to periodically measure brand awareness and recognition.

TAMBR on audio logo’s


What is an audio logo?

An audio logo is a brief musical snippet serving as a brand identifier, often placed before or after a commercial. Your musical elevator pitch.

What makes an effective audio logo?

An effective audio logo stands out, aligns with your brand’s character, and is effortlessly memorable. Plus, it’s a copy-proof masterpiece.

Why do you need an audio logo?

A sound logo is one of the most effective investments for building brand awareness. A game in which audio beats all other brand assets.

Interested in building an audio brand asset?

An audio logo is one of the most effective ways to empower your brand with music. A short and recognisable tune or jingle that can be applied across all your communication. Curious to how you sound when five seconds is all you got? Reach out and go for a lasting sonic expression.

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Niels de Jong

Sonic strategist

Niels graduated as a lawyer and performing pianist, was trained as a banker and found his calling as a creative strategist. For TAMBR, he helps marketeers to understand their brand in musical terms.


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