The sound of science

Client: Nationale Wetenschapsagenda

Connecting citizens with the latest in scientific research, this governmental initiative includes videos, podcasts, events and a website. Tying it all together, we produced a coherent library of music. Embodying both progress and excitement, but still easy to listen to.

Branding your daily newsupdate

Client: Blendle

Blendle is a young Dutch news aggregator. As their service is all about reading and listening, sonic branding came as a logical next step: underscoring the whole Blendle-experience with a careful balance between urgency and accessibility.

Music at the heart of marketing

Client: Betabit

Fed up with sounding just like anyone else, software company Betabit decided to let go of colourless stock-music. Instead, they chose to build their brand around a dedicated brandscore. Firmly setting them apart from competition.

Sonic branding for innovation

Client: CIC

Sharing our love for innovation, we were happy to save CIC Rotterdam from boring stock-music. A sonic palette that captures the playful energy of the space, housed in the iconic Groothandelsgebouw.

A musical identity for a podcast

Client: Een Podcast Over Media

“Not too pretentious” was the only brief we got for branding this podcast. Hosted by two self-conscious Millennial entrepreneurs, what we came back with was this ironic tribute to stock-music.



A new tune for a heritage brand

Client: BlueBand

The perfect gift for your brand? A new sonic identity! For BlueBand, we drafted an instant classic, making you feel nostalgic for the future. Aptly launched during Christmas, this tune was first in a series reconnecting the brand with its heritage.