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What is an audio LIBRARY?

Why do you need an audio library?

When you own a distinctive audio identity, you sure want to spread it. Because the more your audience encounters your sound, the quicker they’ll learn to recognise and appreciate it. And that calls for a broader range of audio.

There are more ways than ever to express your brand. From YouTube tutorials to Spotify ads and podcast promotions. And each format and medium has its own characteristics. For instance, a TikTok video needs a different musical background than the coverage of your 100-year anniversary.

An audio library, stocked with custom audio assets, helps you do just that. To maintain a consistent sound, wherever you interact with your audience.

Why stock music is not an option

Especially for online productions, stock music is often used for convenience. But that comes with significant downsides compared to having your own audio library.

  • Stock music caters to the widest range of users, not specifically to your brand. It’s composed for everyone, and that’s something listeners will hear.
  • Stock music is rarely available for exclusive licensing. Popular tracks are often used by multiple brands, risking that your competitor will sound just like you.
  • Stock music isn’t designed for widespread and long-term use. This means costs can quickly add up if you intend to use stock music for an extended period or across various media.


De muzikale huisstijl van Fairtrade Original

The audio library of Fairtrade Original

For Fairtrade Original, authenticity is key. The tastiest ingredients with a fair story. Exactly why they approached TAMBR to replace their stock music with a tasteful sound. Without the clichés.

Instead of tying their sound to a specific region, we aimed for distinct musical style. Drawing inspiration from their vibrant visual style, we used a wide variety of instruments, resulting in a pleasant conversation of contrasting sounds. And by adding rattling percussion, we evoked the atmosphere of a lively kitchen.

The audio library includes two brand anthems, a sound logo and various musical building blocks. Supporting a broad spectrum of visual communication.

Audio library Fairtrade Original


Niels de Jong

Oprichter / Muzikaal strateeg

Niels is opgeleid tot jurist én uitvoerend pianist, werd getraind als bankier en verdiende zijn sporen als strateeg in de creatieve industrie. Hij is mede-oprichter en muzikaal strateeg bij TAMBR.


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