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WHat is a sound identity?


A musical identity is a translation of your brand into sound. A unique blend of melody, rhythm and timbre, evoking the true spirit of your brand. Building brand recognition along the way.

Audio UX

Audio UX

Audio UX involves integrating sound into the design of digital interfaces and interactive products to enhance the user experience and reinforce your brand identity.

Audio logo

Audio logo

A sound logo is a brief musical snippet lasting 1 to 5 seconds, crafted to spark brand recognition. It can be purely instrumental, sung like a jingle, or paired with a catchy lyric.

Brand anthem

Brand anthem

A brand anthem is the musical embodiment of your brand character, a custom-composed piece that serves as the foundation for your musical identity.

Music library

Music library

A music library is a flexible and modular collection of sonic assets, based on your musical identity and crafted to underscore all of your communication.

Why is a sound identity important?

You’re serious about building your brand. So you understand that you need to remain consistent. Every time you interact with your audience. In doing so, coherent visual branding is key. Of course. But throwing in an audio element makes all the difference.

Yet before you start making noise, you’ve got to figure out who you are. Therefor, creating a sound identity kicks off with solid strategic research. Including a thorough competitor analysis. This enables us to find out who you really are. How you behave in the marketplace. And how your character translates into music. Making sure your sound can grow into a valuable asset. Here’s how that works.


Standing out in your category

In a world drowning in visual communication, there’s still ample space to claim a unique sound. That’s why owning a distinctive sound will set yourself apart from your competitors. Building your brand by cutting through the clutter.


A consistent experience

By applying a cohesive sound, you’re building a unified brand experience. As such, an audio identity act as a bridge across all your brand expressions. From tv advertisements to Insta reels. Making all your communication more effective.


Adding emotion to your brand

Music has the power to evoke emotions like no other medium. Applying audio in a strategic way lets you harness that superpower for your brand. A fitting audio identity not only reveal the sender of a message. It triggers specific emotions relevant to the messenger.

How to develop a musical identity?

TAMBR specialises in creating audio identities for brands. We do this through combining strategy and creativity, backed by solid data. Here’s how.

  • Research

    A sound identity goes beyond a simple piece of music. The associations it evokes need to align with the character of your brand. That’s why we kick things off with an in-depth analysis. Capturing the core values and identity of your brand, along with the desired emotional impact on your target audience. These insights then translate into a music strategy that reflects your true spirit.

  • TAMBR Audio Intelligence

    In exploring musical avenues, we use our musical algorithm. A platform that leverages millions of interactions between listeners and music. Enabling us to predict user reaction to musical elements. In turn, it gives us insights into what music fits your brand personality.

  • Briefing

    Using your music strategy as a guide, we source for a fitting composer. A composer who also understands the conceptual aspects of your brand. And is able te remain connected to your organisation for the long term. This ensures consistency and recognisability in your brand’s musical identity.

  • Creation

    Based on our detailed brief, your composer will start sketching. Delivering a series of demos that will evolve into your musical identity. Consisting of a bespoke collection of audio assets, crafted for your brand only.

  • Guidelines

    What does my brand sound like? How do I navigate the audio library? When should I use my sound logo? The answers lie in your audio brand book, a clear set of sonic guidelines. Assisting you in consistently applying your musical identity.

  • Implementation

    An effective musical identity relies on consistency. That’s why we organise workshops for your team and agencies. Ensuring everyone is up to speed with your audio strategy and able to build your brand in audio.

  • Support

    Your audio identity is built to last. But we get it, sometimes you need a little something extra for that one campaign. That’s when your in-house composer steps in. Ready to provide you with a fitting tune. Instantly recognisable.

Developing our musical identity went very fast, but also with peace of mind. We really took the time to get it right, but never lost pace. And that’s a great way to collaborate!

Ine Stultjens Manager Marketing & Communications @ Royal Auping

TAMBR combines the magic of music with a solid approach and academic foundation. Looking at how the audio-market is developing in terms of voice, podcasts and online video, now really is a good time to add your own sound to your brand identity!

Felice Uiterwijk Marketing Manager @ FairtradeOriginal

Together with TAMBR we developed the sound of the Open University and boy what a great process and collaboration that was! We’ve got the first track of our ‘album’ in our pocket and with the various elements and building blocks we can now underscore all our communication with our own sound.

Marco Koolen Head of Marketing @ Open Universiteit

I believe that if your company has a strong corporate identity, you should also think about sound. What I really liked about working with TAMBR is that we were able to work directly with the creators who were responsible for building our musical identity.

Bas van der Veldt Endboss @ AFAS

I really enjoyed working with TAMBR on our audio identity. It was a real pleasure and I am very happy with the result! This mainly has to do with the way of working. TAMBR really tried to figure out who our brand is, then was super committed to following up on all the feedback and producing iterations. This is how the tune has really become ‘ours’.

Joep de Caluwé CMO @ Delta Car Trade

The sound identity of the Open Universiteit

The Open Universiteit leads the way in online education. A bold brand in a traditional industry. That’s why its musical identity deviates from the ordinary academic institution.

A daring sound, carried by a rolling breakbeat. Underlining the university’s rebellious character. Delivered in a brand anthem, a sound logo and an audio library filled with musical building blocks. Oh and did we mention the academic string quartet?

Open Universiteit brand anthem



Niels de Jong

Oprichter / Muzikaal strateeg

Niels is opgeleid tot jurist én uitvoerend pianist, werd getraind als bankier en verdiende zijn sporen als strateeg in de creatieve industrie. Hij is mede-oprichter en muzikaal strateeg bij TAMBR.


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