What is music?

Music is a magical illusion. A superpower. Transforming any given set of frequencies into a powerful force. A force that makes us smile, remember or embrace. Now, we don’t want to take away any of this magic. But if you wish to use this power for your brand, it makes sense unravel a little bit of the mystery. So, what is music exactly?

Ritme is communicatie

It all started out with rhythm, the master communicator. For a fact, words that are set to a rhythmic pattern get stuck in our ears. From nursery-rhymes to annoying radio-jingles.

People all over the world can detect the urgency of your message by the speed of your talking. Even if they don’t have a clue of what you’re saying. And why would you hook up with a bunch of total strangers in a crammed and sweaty nightclub? That’s rhythm doing its bonding magic.

Melodie: alles is vibratie

We humans translate the vibration of air molecules into a coherent set of pitches. In music, we call them melody and harmony. Creating the musical patterns we have learned to associate with specific emotions. As such, melody and harmony play a refined game of expectation. It’s how a sudden harmonic change keeps catching you by surprise, even after a zillion plays. It’s the rush of satisfaction when that drop finally kicks in. In fact, melody and harmony is how we’ve learned to tell stories through music.

Op die manier spelen melodie en harmonie een geraffineerd spel met onze verwachtingen. Zoals een plotselinge harmonische wending je elke keer blijft verrassen, zelfs bij de duizendste luisterbeurt. Of dat gevoel van verlossing als die drop eindelijk valt. Melodie en harmonie is hoe we verhalen vertellen in geluid. En als er iets wat ons raakt, dan zijn dat verhalen.

De kracht van klankkleur

Timbre is the tonal colour that distinguishes one instrument from another. How the same note on a piano sounds different on a trumpet. Timbre helps us to identify the source of whoever is sending us a musical message. How we can tell Biggie from Tupac. The Beatles from The Stones. In an instant.

Tegelijkertijd is klankkleur enorm flexibel. Je kunt er flink mee variëren zonder aan eigenheid te verliezen. Vergelijk het met de sound van de Beatles. Die is altijd herkenbaar, en toch klinkt elk nummer anders. Voor merken die op meerdere touchpoints aanwezig zijn heeft klankkleur daarom een enorme potentie.

Een eigen geluid

That’s why your brand needs its own sound. A unique combination of rhythm, pitch and timbre. When applied in a consistent way, this will reinforce existing associations. In fact, it will make you a stronger brand. Triggering recall, fostering recognition and adding emotion. Guiding your audience towards your brand, with music.

What’s not to love?


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