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Sonic branding newsletter

Want to stay informed about our quest for a better sounding world? Get updated about our projects, stay informed on the latest news in sonic branding and treat yourself to a healthy dose of musical expertise.

Ja, ik ontvang graag de TAMBR nieuwsbrief!

BMW’s flying refridgerator

The subtle art of branding is striking a balance between distinctiveness and fit. You want to attract attention with a voice of your own, but at the same time connect with the product category. A balance that lies differently for each brand.

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Need a soundlogo, anyone?

Only a minority of brands posess a recognisable musical signature. So to give all you marketers a running start: what can we learn from three iconic Dutch soundlogos?

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Sonic branding: hype or necessity?

Audio is on the rise and that requires strategy. Just when you thought you had everything in order. An advertising agency that chooses appropriate music for your campaigns. And cozy stock music for your online communication. What is going on?

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