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Walibi is the most spectacular amusement park in the Netherlands, known for its many roller coasters and exciting attractions. Suitable for experienced thrill-seekers but also for a day out with the whole family. A unique experience, translated into sound by TAMBR.
Walibi sonic branding

“TAMBR really took us by the hand. From solid strategy to mastering the tracks in the studio.”

Marcel Paquay, Head of Strategy, Insights & Revenue Walibi

What was the reason for Walibi to create a musical identity?

At Walibi, we believe in developing distinctive brand assets, which are characteristic and recognisable elements that are linked to your brand. For example, we pay close attention to consistent branding and we continuously measure how our assets are performing. We didn’t have audio-assets yet, so a soundlogo was the first step!

Walibi soundlogo


How do you look back on developing your own tune?

TAMBR really took us by the hand. From solid strategy to mastering the tracks in the studio. An exciting process too, because we had never done this before. The best moment for me was when the first demos were presented and we heard our own brand in music.

Can you describe the sound of Walibi?

Walibi is already very popular and has the ambition to attract even more families with children. This has been taken into account when creating the tune. It’s is of course cheerful and catchy, but also uses samples and electronics that are familiar to today’s parents.

Walibi brand anthem


What are your plans with the sound of Walibi?

From developing our sound logo, we soon went to produce an entire track that we now use in all of our campaigns. But we have also developed versions to suit different seasons and events, including our infamous Fright Nights. And of course it would be great to also integrate our tune in the actual experience in the park!


Valess is a cheerful and accessible brand that helps consumers take the first step towards a meal without meat. Made on a dairy basis, rich in nutrients and with a crunchy bite. Translated by TAMBR into an optimistic and danceable tune. So tasty!

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Stëlz is made of sparkling water, alcohol and a hint of fruit. A clear and refreshing drink, without unnecessary calories. Rooted in festivals and music, creating a brand anthem was a natural move for the first ever Dutch hard seltzer brand.

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Better than anyone, Hallmark understands how valuable our relationships are. With its greeting cards, the brand inspires us to connect with the people around us. Every day again. And just recently also with music. Are you listening?

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