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Nationaal Media Onderzoek

The Nationaal Media Onderzoek maps the Dutch media behaviour for watching television, listening to the radio, internet use and reading newspapers and magazines. Innovative and ambitious in its approach, the NMO now also has an appropriate musical signature.

“We worked very efficiently with TAMBR, both creatively and strategically. Early on, their data-driven approach already gave us a clear idea of ​​where to go.”

Liedewij Hentelaar, Director Audify

The NMO is not a large retailer or multinational. So why did you decide to develop a musical identity?

The Nationaal Media Onderzoek (NMO) will be the largest and most important (multi) media reach survey in the Netherlands. This survey is the result of the merger of several others, one of which is the listening survey (NLO). The audio landscape therefore plays an important role. So developing a suitable musical identity was a no-brainer for us.

NMO soundlogo


On what channels and touchpoints will we encounter your musical signature?

You will hear our sound in all communication surrounding the research. So think of offline and online presentations, in podcasts or on social media. Our identity is super flexible and at the same time very recognisable so the possibilities are endless!

How do you look back on developing your identity with TAMBR?

We worked very efficiently with TAMBR, both creatively and strategically. Thanks to their data-driven approach based on NMO’s brand values, we quickly knew which way to go. At the same time, there was still a lot of room during the process to adjust for getting the perfect sound. A very nice and smooth process, in which we also got to know our own brand better.

Can you describe the sound of the NMO?

The NMO conducts leading and complex research resulting in data and insights that teach us how the advertising market works. So ultimately, our research is about human behaviour. What motivates us? Who catches our attention? You can hear this in the different melodic lines that symbolise the diversity of voices in our research. Gradually, this subtle interplay builds towards a harmonious and pleasant experience. A striking expression of the NMO, which creates a clear overview of the Dutch media landscape.

NMO brand anthem


When does it pay for brands to develop an audio identity?

Always. If you have a logo and a corporate identity, how you sound should be a part of that. Sound is our quickest sense. And audio as a communication channel is really on the rise. In addition to relatively new formats such as TikTok and podcasts for targeted communication, there is ofcourse broadcast radio, which delivers a typical strong human connection. The possibilities to strengthen your brand with audio are nendless, so it quickly pays off to invest in auditory recognition.


Valess is a cheerful and accessible brand that helps consumers take the first step towards a meal without meat. Made on a dairy basis, rich in nutrients and with a crunchy bite. Translated by TAMBR into an optimistic and danceable tune. So tasty!

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Stëlz is made of sparkling water, alcohol and a hint of fruit. A clear and refreshing drink, without unnecessary calories. Rooted in festivals and music, creating a brand anthem was a natural move for the first ever Dutch hard seltzer brand.

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Better than anyone, Hallmark understands how valuable our relationships are. With its greeting cards, the brand inspires us to connect with the people around us. Every day again. And just recently also with music. Are you listening?

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