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Feetje is the oldest baby clothing brand in the Netherlands. Founded in 1980, it has been providing the little ones with colourful outfits for generations. A beautiful Rotterdam brand that TAMBR was allowed to enrich with an appropriate musical identity. Accessible with a touch of magic.

“When you think about it, audio is a logical addition to your carefully crafted brand.”

Susanne van Ardenne, Senior Marketing Manager Feetje

Feetje is not into TV commercials or online campaigns. So why did you decide to develop a musical identity?

Feetje has been around since 1980 and has a strong position in the baby clothing market. We take our identity very seriously, but had never heard of audio marketing. When we came into contact with TAMBR, we immediately knew that we also wanted to develop an identity in audio. When you think about it, audio is a logical addition to our carefully crafted brand!

You are very active online. On what channels can we hear you?

Instagram and Facebook fit us perfectly. Media that focuses on visual communication and where many young parents can be found. Ideal to show our changing and colourful collections. And to spread our sonic identity!

Feetje brand anthem


How did TAMBR support you in finding your own sound? And what does Feetje sound like?

TAMBR guided us very smoothly through the creative process. That was nice, because we weren’t used to thinking so deeply about music. We quickly settled on a suitable moodboard, from which TAMBR could start producing. Ultimately, we arrived at an accessible sound. Without too many cute clichés, but with a touch of magic.

Feetje soundlogo



Meerdervoort helpt haar klanten met het opbouwen van financiële vrijheid. Op een veilige manier, waarbij risicobeperking belangrijker is dan maximaal rendement. Dat resulteerde in een klassieke, betrouwbare klank met een subtiele dynamiek.

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's Heerenloo

Since 1891, 's Heeren Loo has been assisting people living with disabilities to shape their lives as they wish: as well and independently as possible. TAMBR translated that noble mission into a caring musical narrative. A 'step forward' in music.

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Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear geeft je dat broodnodige rustmoment op een drukke dag. Zodat je weer met een frisse blik vol energie vooruit kan. Die sensatie vertaalde TAMBR naar een kristalheldere tune vol ritmische dynamiek, geaccentueerd door muzikale rustpunten.

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