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Fairtrade Original

Authenticity is central to Fairtrade Original: the tastiest ingredients with a genuine story. Exactly the reason why they asked us to replace their stock music for a more worldly sound. Without the clichés. Find out what that sounds like!

“It’s now even more attractive to create your own content, because you know that sonic branding will contribute to your story.”

Berber Galema, Creative Designer Fairtrade Original

How do we recognise the sound of Fairtrade Original?

We were looking for a sound that matched our visual style. A worldly sound without the clichés. So you don’t hear one specific region, but you do recognise our global character. The way we deal with our colours is also incorporated into our musical identity. For example, we have used many different instruments, which engage in a pleasant conversation with each other. This way you can hear the packaging in our sound!

Fairtrade Original brand anthem I


How does having your own sound help in producing content?

It is now even more attractive to create your own content, because you know that sonic branding will contribute to your story. Moreover, the music is already created so there is no need to search endlessly for the perfect sound. Short videos and online content are now much faster and more complete in terms of branding.

Fairtrade Original brand anthem II


How has the musical identity been received by your colleagues outside of marketing?

Very well! It took some getting used to, just like with the new visual style. The music library is very easy to use and works well with our visual content. And everyone notices!


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