Home / Cases / has the ambition to transform the purchase of a new car into a superior buying experience. It offers access to all well-known brands, unbeatable prices, independent advice and local service. All of this, we captured in their uplifting musical identity.

“TAMBR really tried to figure out who our brand is and then was super committed to following up on all the feedback and producing iterations.” That’s how the tune really became ‘ours’.”

Joep de Caluwé, CMO Delta Car Trade

What was the reason for developing a musical identity for

We paid a lot of attention to the user experience and thought a lot about our brand identity. And for us, sonic branding is a necessary piece of that puzzle. Moreover, we operate in a fairly competitive market, so staying silent was not an option! soundlogo


What advice would you give companies launching a new audio-brand?

You can only launch your brand once, so do it right and go for an integrated approach. This means that you meet your audience on all relevant platforms and channels with a coherent message. Our musical identity enables alls this, because our sound can be adapted to broadcast on radio and television as well as campaigns on social media.

How does sound?

Besides a house, for most people, buying a car is their biggest and most important purchase. And rather than stressful, that should be a pleasant experience. That’s exactly what we wanted to capture in music. Our brand score therefore consists of both electronic and acoustic sounds such as piano, synthesizers and human voices mixed with environmental sounds recorded in forests and cities, resulting in a unique timbre. Starting in a minor key, the song gradually moves towards a more major and uptempo ending. The perfect translation of the experience. brand anthem


How do you look back on the collaboration with TAMBR?

It was a pleasure to work with TAMBR and we are very happy with the result! This mainly has to do with their way of working. TAMBR really tried to figure out who our brand is, then was super committed to following up on all the feedback and producing iterations. That’s how the tune really became ‘ours’.


Valess is a cheerful and accessible brand that helps consumers take the first step towards a meal without meat. Made on a dairy basis, rich in nutrients and with a crunchy bite. Translated by TAMBR into an optimistic and danceable tune. So tasty!

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Stëlz is made of sparkling water, alcohol and a hint of fruit. A clear and refreshing drink, without unnecessary calories. Rooted in festivals and music, creating a brand anthem was a natural move for the first ever Dutch hard seltzer brand.

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Better than anyone, Hallmark understands how valuable our relationships are. With its greeting cards, the brand inspires us to connect with the people around us. Every day again. And just recently also with music. Are you listening?

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