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Auping has been producing beds and mattresses of the highest quality since 1888. A leading brand for which TAMBR developed a subtle musical identity, applicable to their entire customer journey. Craftsmanship and guts, translated into music.

“We put a lot of thought into the things we make and audio is really an extension of our identity”

Ine Stultjens, Manager Marketing & Communication Auping

The sound of Auping

Guts, craftsmanship and sustainability form the basis of the family business from Deventer. At the same time, Auping is an ambitious company in a fairly competitive market. For the sound of Auping, we therefore opted for a nuanced palette that sounds both innovative and traditional. Calming but also adventurous. Up close recorded piano and clarinet, combined with subtle factory sounds and a soothing beat. Touchable and intimate, just like the brand itself.

Auping brand anthem


A widely applicable audio library

Auping communicates continuously and on many different channels. Radio, television, but also social media play an important role in building the brand. But each channel has its own character. And each campaign has its own story. Audio is ideally suited to provide a bridging factor between all of these touchpoints. That is why we created a modular music library that can be adapted to any format. This way Auping is assured of a fitting tone, suitable for anymoment. Without losing its character.

Auping radio campaign


The cornerstone of any musical identity is a striking audio logo. A coherent summary of the brand in sound, suitable to grow into a true distinctive brand asset. For Auping this resulted in a soft melody, supported by a rich and layered production.

Auping soundlogo


“The process of creating our own sound went very well. It was a very valuable exercise, also to get to know our own brand better.”

Ilse Peters, Brand Manager Auping


Valess is a cheerful and accessible brand that helps consumers take the first step towards a meal without meat. Made on a dairy basis, rich in nutrients and with a crunchy bite. Translated by TAMBR into an optimistic and danceable tune. So tasty!

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Stëlz is made of sparkling water, alcohol and a hint of fruit. A clear and refreshing drink, without unnecessary calories. Rooted in festivals and music, creating a brand anthem was a natural move for the first ever Dutch hard seltzer brand.

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Better than anyone, Hallmark understands how valuable our relationships are. With its greeting cards, the brand inspires us to connect with the people around us. Every day again. And just recently also with music. Are you listening?

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