Willemijn van Hussen

As an experienced entrepreneur, Willemijn has built several companies from scratch. Educated in both economics and classical piano, she has repeatedly demonstrated the rare ability to turn creativity into tangible business value.

As a passionate matchmaker between brands and music, Willemijn has earned praise from both the corporate and musical worlds, gaining an extensive professional network in the process. Building on her experience in strategic consultancy, she is eager to challenge your brand with exploring new perspectives. In sound and beyond.

Niels de Jong

Educated as a lawyer, trained as a banker and nurtured by the creative industry, Niels has flexed his cerebral muscles in many disciplines from global brand strategy to service centre operations. This has given him a unique ability to think holistically – and with authority – about your brand, your business and your audience.

As a musician, Niels has been improvising on the piano since the age of 5, experimenting with electronic music production since he was 10 and finally earning that elusive degree in classical piano at 30 years old. As a result, Niels has developed a heightened ability to think in sound and translate any concept or context into music.